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Scrap wafers - We recycle discarded silicon wafers

We take scrap wafers, such as discarded, broken or non broken silicon wafers as part of our electronics recycling program.

We recycle silicon wafers scrap, broken patterned wafer, IC bare wafer, IC broken wafer, rejected, IC flake with plastic, polished or coated silicon wafer scrap, and IC wafer, we are serious buyers of any kind of scrap wafers.

In the past people used scrap wafers for solar photovoltaic device manufacturing, however it looks like there are other applications that is being used today for the solar panels, this is why the silicon wafer is now being sold for very low prices

Our company recycles silicon wafers manufactured during the semi conductors production process. we also recycle large quantities of wafers as a solar panels. The solar panels are made from rejected and discarded wafers.

If you have any scrap wafers for recycling, we will be glad to try helping you recycle your scrap, please full out this quick form below.

Please note that silicon wafers comparing to other materials we recycle usually does not contain great amount precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium and copper which makes it pretty much value less.

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Scrap wafers recycling

Recycle your scrap wafer with us if you have silicon for recycling, please note that we only take large quantities.

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