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Scrap catalytic converters recycling

We buy all kinds of scrap catalytic converters for recycling purposes.

Converters type we buy:

  • Mixed scrap catalytic converters Scrap such as assorted sizes of whole scrap catalytic converters that the catalyst has not been removed.
  • Small GM converters.
  • Large GM converters.
  • Small American standard converters such as small
  • Ford and small Chrysler.
  • Large American standard converters such as large
  • Ford, and large Chrysler.
  • Small European/Asian converters.
  • Large European/Asian.
  • Exotic 2 Biscuit converters.
  • Medium Catalytic Converters.
  • Double Plug Catalytic Converters.
  • Jumbo Catalytic Converters.
  • Diesel Converter.
  • American Pre-Converter.
  • European Pre-Converter.
  • After Market converters.
  • Other Catalytic Scrap.

We buy catalytic converters nationwide, please note that we only buy if you have 50 or more units.

If you have scrap catalyst converters that you would like to sell for recycling, please contact us by the form below, please do not call for prices, please note we only buy catalytic converters in bulk.

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Scra[ catalytic converters recycling

Please let us know if you have scrap catalytic converters for sell, please note, we only buy in bulk, we will need at least 50 units a time.

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