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We buy most kinds of end of life electronics, equipment and all kinds of discarded electronic products we are buy large quantities.

Welcome to B.W. Recycling, Inc., refiners of all kinds of E-Waste.

B.W. Recycling, Incorporated is Located Hallandale, Florida and manages all kinds of discarded electronic devices.

Recycling article last updated 09/08/15

Discarded Electronics such as computers, computer accessories, cell phones, TV's and other electronics is a potential risk to our environment if not disposed properly or illegally dumped. The main reason for that is the lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium and other heavy metals that are contained in the components of almost every electronic device, These metals could pollute groundwater, surface water or the air when electronics are burned or, if they are buried in the ground, which may have an hazardous effect to the environment, that is why all discarded electronics must be recycled by businesses that collects the electronic scrap and recycles it, which helps to conserve the valuable resources.

E junk is can be found everywhere, if you put that in the trash can, it means that you directly harmed the environment, instead you can collect it from your house and your friends and family, and bring it to the local electronics recycler in your area, in some cases you can even make money by collecting E junk, contact your local scrap dealers and ask them what kind of electronic scrap they are buying and at what prices, most scrap dealers usually pays by the LB for electronic boards from computers, you can also sell your non working cell phones for recycling, however be sure to remember that as you can make money by collecting end of life electronics, you might as well get in trouble, for instance if you picked-up a TV or a CRT monitor somewhere by trying to make money of it, you will eventually have to actually pay in order to get rid of it, most of the e-waste recyclers will not buy or even take a CRT or TV for recycling, please visit this article to find out why. Why recyclers stay away from CRT monitors


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