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B.W. Recycling, Inc.

Electronics recycling center location: Houston, TX, (currently logistics only).
Business hours: Mon-Thursday: 9am -5pm, Fri: 9am-3pm.
Purchasing e-mail: E-Waste purchasing
Sales e-mail:E-Waste sales

Our recycling center in Houston, Texas is only used as a logistic center, please contact our Headquarters in Florida for any nationwide recycling needs.

If you would like to offer us any electronic scrap, please contact our Florida electronics recycling center during the business hours, or via E-Mail. Please use the subject: E-Waste offer in order to avoid your message being Spam filtered, we also recommend to attach photos and description of the goods for sell, please keep in mind we are looking for large quantities but we also recycle small quantities for a charge.

Our nationwide x-ray film recycling department:

For help with x-ray film recycling in Texas or anywhere else in the US please contact our x-ray recycling department.

We specialize in silver recovery, we buy all kinds of x-ray films for silver reclamation purposes, if you would like more information about our x-ray films recycling program please visit this site:
or visit the local x-ray recycling page here:
Houston E-Scrap Recycling

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