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Solder dross & solder paste recycling

Since wave and selective soldering proccess are carried out in the presence of air there will always be some amounts of metal alloy that will be unusable due to the oxidation.

Solder dross is that waste from the soldering proccess, a mixture of solder and oxidized metals and other impurities, the solder dross can and has to be recycled and turned into new solder bars that can be sold back in the market.

We provide solder dross recycling services, if you have lead or lead free solder dross or solder paste, we will be able to recycle it for you, we will also pay you for the refined tin, after it was processed in our facilities.

Most common dross today is the unleaded solder which is SN100c dross, 63/37 dross (Sn63Pb37) is still widely used in the industry, there are some uncommon solder rarely used such as Sn60Pb40, Sn50Pb50, Sn40Pb60 and Sn5Pb95, however we take all types of solder dross including other types such as SAC305 which is a mixture of Tin, Silver and copper in the following formula Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5

We buy solder dross, solder paste, solder pot dumps and new virgin solder for recycling.

We buy solder reclaim, scrap Tin.

Solder waste must be properly recycled and not sent to landfill, as solder and soft solder contains tin and also may contain lead, silver, copper and other metals.

If you have any type of solder for recycling please fill out the form on the right hand side of this page and we will contact you with information shortly, please be prepared to e-mail us a photo upon our request, in some cases we will also ask for a sample sent to us.

Types of solder for recycling

Solder paste, wipes, gloves - These are considered as Hazardous material unless dry and proven other by a TCLP test.
Solder dross from Virgin solder - is considered non-hazardous
Solder dross from process is considered non-hazardous.
Pot dumps from baths is considered non-hazardous.

See more photos of solder and solder dross samples we are buying for recycling

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Electronics recycling

If you have any solder dross, solder paste, solder pot dumps, virgin solder or any other type of tin material for recycling please fill out this form and we will contact you with more information about our solder recycling program.

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