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Types of E-Waste we do not buy.

Please not that we do not buy or take small quantities such as household or office use quantities of any materials (even the ones we do buy).

Please note that as the e-waste market is going trough a lot of changes and as many new regulations and restrictions is formed every day for all types of materials, therefore there are some materials which we will not buy due to either due to low content of precious metals versus recovery costs or restriction we do not handle.

Here is the list of the materials we do not buy or take for recycling.

  • CRT (Cathode ray tube) Monitors - we do not take as well.
  • TV's - we do not take as well.
  • Stereo's - we do not take as well.
  • VCR's - we do not take as well.
  • Printed circuit boards out of CRT monitors, TV's, Stereos, VCR's or any other consumer electronics.

Here is the list of materials we do not buy but might* take for recycling.

*we might take for free depending on the quantity and location, has to be in commercial quantities, not from individuals.

  • Printers.
  • Fax machines.
  • Copiers.
  • Telephone sets. (We do buy business telephones, PBX and cell phones).
  • Lower grade circuit boards.

We also do not buy materials in any quantities out of the US and Canada.


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